Dream Ride

How are your dreams hanging? Mine it seems are riding off into the sunset….I used to have many, but at some point I think that living took over from dreaming. I have plenty of time left but my list seems to have shrunk, in fact I’m not sure that I could think of any really passionate ‘bucket list’ type dreams that I pine for. One the other hand – my son’s dreams are huge and many, he’s had no one tell him that they’re unachievable yet and he doesn’t understand the enormity of what he expects is possible. I LOVE that! 😀 It must be awesome to be 5!

I’ve written before about how much Miles loves cycling himself as well as professional cycling. This week The Daddy and Miles took off from our temporary flood refuge in brissy to chase a dream (after all dreams stop for no surging river!)- they headed to Adelaide with the hope of meeting Miles’ favourite rider Mark Cavendish. If you don’t follow cycling, I would equate it to meeting Bros when they owed us nothing, or a Spice Girl when they were touring Britain in a union jack double decker bus….. well perhaps not – I think David Beckham would be a better analogy than Posh. Cav is Miles’ hero.

It must feel strange at 5 to have achieved your biggest dream but here it is. The boys spotted Cav on his way back from a training ride and The Daddy called him over to meet Milo. What does Miles want to do next? Why firstly ride with Cav, then beat him in the tour of course 🙂 Dream big baby!!

The pic is for the girls – but feel free to enjoy it too boys 😉

Have you achieved your dreams? Have you got a bucket list?