Bin diving and thrift shopping

I love a bargain – it drives The Daddy to distraction, when I come home with a parcel and want to explain exactly how much I saved on every single item – he wouldn’t care how much I bought as long as he didn’t have to hear the story of how clever I was saving money for him.

I also love those stranded items that people leave on the side of the road as their usefulness has come to an end – unfortunately in Brissy I don’t see it that much. In Sydney we would regularly leave out on the path our unwanted goods for collection by other passer-bys, originally The Daddy was horrified at our obvious littering until he saw how quickly everything disappeared! then it became the natural cycle of things and a very useful way to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (as Bob says!). Anyway – I haven’t spent too much time ‘decorating’ our first home in Brisbane as we’re planning on moving closer to the city by the end of the year, but the last couple of weeks I found a few gems…..

Firstly, I think that our elderly neighbour died, I didn’t know her personally but presume it’s been her family here cleaning out her house and instead of the ancient tradition of leaving out unwanted goods they went with a skip. Now a skip really reduces the chance of finding anything as it’s all compacted into a small space – plus, the fact that the old lady had died meant that it would have been poor form to go picking over the rubbish. Anyhow as I drove past one day I spotted what looked like a cool lamp – so after a late night scrounge I rescued it and brought it home, slightly damaged (I think from being thrown into the skip!), but a little super glue and surprise, surprise even the light globe still worked! So now the lovely macrame shade is throwing pretty shadows across the lounge and I’m typing this by its warm glow….

Also, we now live in the thrift shopping center of Brisbane, and due to a couple of strange encounters I might tell you about one day, until recently I have been avoiding them – however I’m finding a lot of fabric at Vinnies and the other day I spotted this little gem. We have been looking at Tallboys for ages – but they are expensive and the ones at Ikea are made of cardboard, so when I found this one I had to have it. Destined for the kids room it ended up being too big and so luckily it’s now in ours and storing my fabric collection.

So now I’m inspired for a little more interior fussing, and a little more thrift shopping…. it’s like a new haircut – loving it! Now on the lookout for dining chairs……

Some of my favourite scores have been an almost new HUGE Tonka Truck dumped in a back lane (The Daddy found that one), an old Hansa Walker full of blocks from a garage sale (both my kids learned to walk with it!) and a gorgeous ruffled polka dot top from the local charity store. What’s the best bargain or freebie you’ve scored?