In the summertime, that is where I’ll be!

So further to yesterdays post yearning for lazy summer days, today we were blessed with sun and warmth and set out to find a beach!

Now for someone who grew up in Sydney a beach is essential – but I’ll let you in on a not so secret fact…. Brissy has no surf beaches, and a beach without surf is no beach at all! So we headed up to the sunshine coast to a new discovery Dicky Beach.

I can’t say what the best bit was – when we got there and Miles just stood staring at the waves like he’d never seen a beach before, the too hot sand, the smell of salt water, the perfect shells we collected, the warm waves, the shipwreck from the 1800’s on the beach or our sandcastle building. It was ACE with a capital A!

The kids had a ball and didn’t want to stop. I love that they throw themselves at new experiences and have little fear – that they chase waves with as much challenge as the waves pursue them, and then turn around make friends with the foam to learn to bodysurf. I love that they go under, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes not but there are no tears just new tactics. I love that they go over waves, have waves break on their heads and sometimes float just waiting for the next one. I love that they want to get out deep (even though there was a giant sand bar so they couldn’t). I love that they embrace life with both arms and an almighty shout!

I wonder why I wanted them to enjoy the beach as much as I do, just because I grew up going to the beach? Why do I want them to love what I love? I don’t do it consciously and do try not to push them, and yet when they ask to learn to surf I answer ‘of course!’.

Either way – here’s to reclaiming long, slow, lazy, beachy, summer days and many, many more trips to Dicky Beach!


Now and Then…..

endless school holidays
daylight that stretched playtime to post dinner
biking, tree climbing, skateboarding,
salt water and sand
icy poles
holiday houses
mixed lollies
80’s radio airplay
terry toweling
ghetto blasters
best friends

rain, rain, rain
play dates
local pool
rushing, fitting in, shopping
school coming, coming, coming so fast
holidays racing, nearly done
early dark
hurried dinner before exhausted bubbas crash
lazy town, ben 10 and barbie
iPhones, laptops and DSi’s
bikes, beach, park sleeeeeeeep

Where are the endless summer lazy days? How do I get them back?
Wanna come too?