Freebie Friday! – Tried, Tested & Tasted

Well in the Twitterverse, it’s Follow Friday – a day to let others know who the cool Tweeps are. Well, given the people I follow aren’t exactly unknowns I’m not sure I can help with their follow numbers so instead I’m going to do a blogging Freebie Friday!

Blogs I follow have been doing so many cool competitions lately, and rather than starting with a comp I thought a freebie everyone can enjoy would be more fun.

We discovered after having the little people that friends and relatives would love to give gifts to the kids every holiday season. The list of reciprocal gifts spiraled out of control and we pretty quickly realised that we couldn’t afford to gift back to everyone who was generous with the kids. The first Chrissy I made homemade jams for people, after that I decided to do a cookbook. I asked family and friends for their favourite recipes and collated them into a cookbook which (with the help of my gorgeous friend Kylie!) we printed and bound and gave as Chrissy pressies. I still use mine ALL the time, I think others languish in cupboards but I’m often asked ‘this is delicious, can I get the recipe?’ to which I reply ‘It’s in The Book!’.

So – here is my little gift to you all, a copy of The Cook Book. Included is my Grandmothers famous Hummingbird Cake and Chocolate Caramel Slice (these are family treasures my friends!). There’s also some really cool Vegetarian recipes in there thanks to the lovely Free! Anyway it’s high time for issue two – but they are rather time consuming so we’ll see……

Disclaimer one: Please excuse typos, I had a two month old when I did it and although I’ve noticed most by now I didn’t have the energy to go back and make corrections

Disclaimer two: Any recipe faults from the first printing have been corrected. i.e. the cup of sugar from the anzac biscuits is now listed 🙂

Disclaimer three: If you are a rich chef with a TV show, or an international printing house and we have used one of your recipes here please don’t sue me. I have tried to credit you but  these recipes came from all over and we’re not selling them guys. So again – no suing ok?

Disclaimer four: If you provided a recipe and didn’t know that it would be put out to the universe with your photos included then I assure you it wasn’t my plan at the time. But complaints can be sent in writing.

Click the link below to download the PDF