Once more unto the breach dear friends once more…..

Should I post again about the flood? Do people want to hear? Once more unto the breach dear friends once more…..

My daughter and I are back home, our house didn’t flood and electricity is restored. We are safe and we are lucky. There are many who don’t have half that much.

I mentioned on Facebook that things were bizarre in Brisbane at the moment, a friend commented that perhaps I chose a strange description. The truth is that I can only say it’s bizarre because we’re safe – otherwise I would have many more adjectives. But driving around feels like a war zone. Very few people are working, there’s been precious little electricity and many drop sheets and sandbags.

People have been advised to stay home so there’s not much traffic on the roads and there are so many road closures that travel is challenging if you had to. There is almost no public transport. The water is everywhere and if people aren’t fending it off they are walking down to the river to see – it’s like slowing down to see a car crash, no one can quite believe it.

Neighbours that never talk are staying together, people that have never met are helping sandbag and move furniture and we talk to people in the supermarket that we’ll never see again because none of us can really believe it.

Everyone I know has done SOMETHING towards the floods, they filled sandbags, took in refugees or checked on a neighbour. This is a community devastation. If you live here I can say this, it may not have flooded your house but I damn well know that you didn’t just get up and go to work today like nothing was wrong. You couldn’t. We couldn’t.

The news is on all the time. And yet sometimes we need a break from the disaster – a joke or a distraction. Something that reminds us that this is not all consuming. So please make a joke, write a funny blog post – make us laugh, cause as a city we’re going to need a few to get through this. And we will get through it – and I say this as a Sydney immigrant! Maybe being here is our official induction, perhaps by getting through this we are now locals whether we like it or not 🙂

For all the negative there is so much positive – I can only imagine that we will come out a stronger BrisVegas from it, or should I say BrisVenice 😉

Lastly, thank you for your thoughts and your wishes for us personally and for everyone in Brisbane. I can’t say how much it means – what I’ve heard more than anything is ‘we wish we could do something’ or ‘we feel so helpless’ but just knowing that people care is amazing. I can’t speak for the people that have no house – I highly doubt they’re checking twitter, but for someone like me knowing that we are in your thoughts means the world and that’s enough.

See you when the tide goes out 😀



apocalypse now

“God said to Noah there’s gonna be a floody floody
It started raining it started to get muddy muddy”

I’m sure a lot of people will be blogging about the QLD floods after all it’s pretty spectacular. Mother Nature really has a way of putting us in our place! But given it’s been on our minds all day it was the only thing that I really wanted to blog about.

I don’t worry about too much about the big stuff (I sweat the little things like no-one’s business!), I kinda try to take the inevitable on the chin as much as I can – I anticipate that the media over hype situations and we’ll all be ok in the end. Ridiculous I know but it’s the kinda ‘bury my head in the sand’ philosophy that has served me well over the years and got me through some crazy shit (thanks to whoever is watching out for me by the way!).

I had an appointment with the Apple Geniuses to fix my mobile this arvo so was planning to head over to Chermside (Brissy North), we live in Bulimba just south on the river. The Daddy is currently working on client site with the Queensland Police Service so he had up to date info on the flooding and was calling with such messages as ‘I’m probably over-reacting but maybe we should do a shop for some staples just to be on the safe side’ and ‘our house is in the flood zone but only West End is under for now’… finally came ‘I don’t think you should go out – Sandgate Rd is under’, this being one of the roads I had to traverse to get my phone fixed.

Now, those who know me know that this much is true – I adore my iPhone so I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a flood stop me from getting my phone fixed. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll be fine – the road closures are further north and I’ll be careful’. (*Yes, I am an idiot*). I bundled the kids in the car and we headed out, before we even got out of the suburb the traffic was obscene and there was water all over the roads. Time for a reassessment. I’m on the road with two kids and no mobile phone in a torrential downpour and potentially flooded roads. Time to bail out.

Back I went via the supermarket. Woolworths looked like a third world country – there was nothing on those god damned shelves. No bread at all, no water, no candles, no torches, no batteries and an over 30 minute wait for a cash register. Because the last big brissy storm was the night before we moved house and we had a blackout which necessitated eating the only food in the house (macadamia nuts, ice cream, red wine and bourbon) I decided this time we’d be prepared, I even bought things on the contraband list such as muesli bars and chips just in case. Can I just say that my kids were freaking awesome in the Supermarket even with all the crowds and they waited all that time in the line like a dream – they really came through when I needed them too (you rock kids!). I came home and The Daddy baked some bread so we were as organised as we could be without actually packing a bag. Funny, but I can’t bring myself to pack – it’s like it brings on the inevitable, I couldn’t pack for hospital when I was pregnant as I decided that would start labour and now I’m convinced that if we’re ready to leave here then we’ll have to, as I said before – I’m completely nuts!

Betty, our wonderful 80yr old neighbour was here during the 1974 floods and assures us that it only just broke the river bank at the bottom of our street then, so we still feel quite safe but we are on alert and are keeping an ear out for the latest as we are really ridiculously close to water. I haven’t been watching the news as I don’t want the kids to see what’s going on, but Twitter is a constant source of info and QPS are doing an amazing job.

The Daddy has gone out to volunteer filling sandbags and I am at home watching news feeds and photos of flooding on the net. My heart breaks for those without homes or in need of help – I want to offer our house but don’t want to take people and animals only to ask them to move again if we evacuated. I wish there was more we could do – but for now all we can do is wait.

Thank you to all of our friends who have sent messages of support via phone, Facebook and Twitter. I almost feel guilty as we are all so dry and comfortable in our house and I think those beautiful wishes should go to the people with no homes, who have lost everything including loved ones. I know that some of my friends think I am being lackadaisical about our safety but please let me assure you that I wouldn’t put my kids at risk no matter what – I just don’t think at this stage we are in imminent danger.

Thank you everyone. Your thoughts mean the world.
Now please shut up while I go on making fun of the whole situation – it’s how I cope after all 🙂

With love