Back in the spirit again….

I’ve decided to stop apologising for neglecting my blog. Firstly because lately it’s been a constant problem and secondly because it’s bloody boring. I will suggest that you, lovely wonderful reader, were lucky to get away without unending drivel about Christmas and New Year from another cheerful but stressed mummy blogger 😉

So I’ll catch you up….

1) we moved. Super cool removalists were ‘choice bro!’. Brissy move – use ’em!
2) we got a real Christmas tree which is ace for all the reasons that I’ve just linked to.
3) friends from Sydney came up and stayed and made us miss them and Sydney even more than usual, but we loved it in spite of the unending rain that kept us all housebound and gave the little’ns cabin.
4) the kids were spoiled, as were we
5) lastly but not leastly I’m addicted to Hipstamatic – I have been for ages but can only now admit it.

What will I remember about 2010? Family, Fiji and too few mojitos! I won’t be making any new years resolutions, it’s important not to bother with things you have no intention of carrying out and I’m as sticky as an elephant – which isn’t very as it turns out……
Am planning on setting goals though, and hope to achieve a few too…. Is there any difference? I guess it gives me fewer need to break things – like resolutions…. ahem.

Too verbose already? – here, have some pics.

Thanks for hanging out here in 2010, hope you find time for tea and an iced vovo here in 2011.