A sewing we will go…

I am soooo overdue on about 30,000 sewing projects. I have birthday pressies from months ago that i still need to complete and then god forbid – POST!

Why do I hate the post office? Could it be because the children see it as one of two places in the world (the other is the bank) where they can channel crazed monkeys on speed! Or is it because of the eternal queues, or because I put it off for so long that I have to take Miles’ little red wagon to carry everything I have to send. Or is it because I can’t stand how organised I have to be – I have to have the stuff I need to send (usually wrapped and with a card on it uuuurgh!), I have to have the receiver’s address actually with me and then I do something like sealing the parcel without the card or something equally stupid and stressful while trying to tie my children to the table with packing string.

Anyhoo I digress…..

I actually managed to sew today! A monster softie and a new bag! The bag is from a pattern in Handmade Home. It worked out really well, except I’d change the handles a little next time, just cause I like them a little longer so that it’s a little more of a shoulder tote and I can have my hands free to hold those of the kidlets. Well this one is a gift, so hopefully the recipient won’t be so picky 🙂 The photos have come out strangely, the colours on it look red but they are actually orange.

Also, my one of my gorgeous Brissy friends came across some crochet squares that her Grandmother had made and given how much I love crochet she offered them to me to put together. YAY! I can’t wait, I got them out today and they are differing sizes so I’m going to have to get creative….. hmmm love a new project, especially one this colourful.

Last but definitely not least I had coffee this week in a bookshop. GOD I love books! So much! I love the smell of them, the feel of them, the look of them all lined up but best of all is all the limitless possibilities inside – so sending me anywhere near a good book shop is so, so, so dangerous. Initially I got totally distracted by the cook books, I looooove new recipes, and it was hard to drag myself away however I accidentally spied Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s new book Sew La Tea Do and just had to have it.

Shhhhhh don’t tell The Daddy. Hope to have some new exciting sewing creations soon…..