The IKEA Pact

Do you heart IKEA?
I heart IKEA big time!
Do you know the only thing that could make IKEA better? IKEA trailer bikes! Look what IKEA offer their Danish customers? trailer bikes to take home their wares in an eco-fashion! And look how stylish they are. Oh IKEA – I would heart you even more if we could have some too 🙂 (I think the kids would fit nicely in the trailer….)

I think I have previously posted about my adoration of the swedish furniture giant, I mean for me it’s an entire day out just getting through kitchenware. Unfortunately I haven’t been since we moved to Brissy but today was the day as we needed to outfit the office for both The Daddy and my 2011 needs which meant new desks and chairs among other things. In keeping with my environmental side I would really have liked second hand desks but we needed two the same size, shape and colour which can be difficult to source at short notice so IKEA it had to be.

Any trip to IKEA is a herd experience, I take The Daddy as sherpa, and the kids do enjoy a dip in the ball pit when it hasn’t been used as a toilet and closed for disinfecting, so about 1 in every 3 trips. If I can’t ballpit them I go to plan B which is let them loose on the store (after all it’s their fault at this point that they are still with us) and I allow the children to aid in IKEA’s testing process on all display furniture. Many other shoppers have been heard remark ‘I WAS wondering whether that couch could stand incessant jumping by two preschoolers’ or ‘Ahhh, I’ve always wondered how many children could fit inside a wardrobe this size’, until we reach the kitchen section when I safely install them in a trolley, exhausted and unable to protest but still able to ask for anything they suspect might have been made with children in mind.

However, my trips to IKEA are NOT just a family affair. There exists ‘The IKEA Pact’. Started in Sydney with one of my closest friends Kylie – we each discovered that Rhodes was really freaking far from the inner west where we resided. I mean, we couldn’t just pop down the road to pick up a POANG armchair on a whim! If we really really wanted new storage solutions then we needed to traverse Parramatta Rd, and all that entails – PLUS we needed to deal with parking and it was ALWAYS a bad idea to go on the weekend and you USUALLY had to go at sparrows to beat the crowds…. SO – we made a Pact, if anyone planned an IKEA excursion we rang or emailed the other for a list – that way we got the little things that we couldn’t be bothered hitching the wagon train for.

When we moved to Brissy I discovered that again we didn’t live within spitting distance of IKEA so the pact was re-established with a local friend Ang, and today while I shopped for ourselves I spent a little extra time in the children’s section just for her 🙂

Do you have an IKEA Pact? or do you need something similar in your life?

** Please note this post is in no way sponsored by IKEA but if they’d like to send me free stuff I wouldn’t send it back, I’m like that**


ready, aim…. drawer!

I looooooove storage! I dream of a perfect house with everything in it’s place. I know it’ll never happen – I’m crap at being tidy for starters. But I am a complete sucker for IKEA or anything with a ‘storage solution’ lol.Plus we’re renters so creative is our middle name. Now imagine if these were in my house, or yours if you prefer!

In a dream world this is featured in my home

from Rupert Blanchard

this would be my craft room

Seriously – this is her SEWING ROOM! My kitchen isn’t this nice!

and this! Well, you can figure it out on your own……

via a friend of The Daddy’s.

My dream is done. What would you like to change or add to in your home?