Folding bikes? New trend – flat bikes!

Today, unsurprisingly was about bikes…. but not quite as we’d expected.

The day started really well, Cavendish won last nights Tour de France stage which is kind of the best thing that could have started our day – and then….

Miles has been told that he can’t have a road bike until he’s 7 – 8 yrs old due to size requirements. But yesterday The Daddy found a kids roadie with 20″ wheels.

Given Miles had a birthday coming up we thought we’d go have a look. Unfortunately it’s still to big for him but we think he’ll have it by his next birthday which is still earlier than we thought.

Came home, took the kids inside for a rest and while they were resting thought I’d duck out for a quick look at the second hand stores. In the process (due to an unfortunate series of events) I backed over Miles’ bike. And it got stuck under the car. And I killed it. And The Daddy had to jack the car up to get it out. And Miles cried cause he thought he’d have to wait an extra year to get his road bike and would have nothing in the meantime. And I really damaged the driveway. And things were baaaaaad. There is nothing like the sound of your child’s most prized possession being dragged, scraping and grinding under the car – although I’m glad it was JUST the bike.

(A disclaimer at this point – I am paranoid about running over the kids and I knew exactly where they were before I backed out of the driveway)

Now what to do. Miles is so obsessed with cycling that he wasn’t going to last while we ordered replacement parts for his bike….
* wheel
* brake cable
* pedals
* grips
* brake pads
even after that it would have been pretty banged up……

So – we went and bought a couple of early birthday pressies…. Miles has a bigger, new, flashy Byk 450 and Tilly has a purple Byk 350 with pedals and no training wheels, so time for her to graduate from the balance bike! Byk are the best kids bikes we’ve found in Australia – and they are Australian designed.

The negative side of impulsive bike purchases…. we may have to postpone our holiday, but on the positive….. I’ve managed start our pile for the hard rubbish collection next week.