Beautiful baby bliss

One of my gorgeous friends had a baby boy today, oh god I love babies – their smell, their soft baby skin, their tiny little hands and feet (I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky!…… Oh god, I’m CLUCKY! ) Anyway I haven’t been to see them yet as Tilly has come down with a virus but  I have put together a little pack for them. It’s a second baby so they have loads of stuff, but it’s really nice to have a few things that are just for the new little one.

I’m also hoping that she’s not reading blogs from her hospital bed……!

I made a pram blanket, a cute little kimono top and a slightly up market change pack that she can throw into the bottom of a pram or handbag when on the go.

….. but was wondering what else I could add to it.

So help me out….What was your favourite pressie or thing that you used for your baby/s? Do you have a ‘secret weapon’ new baby present?



Gorgeousness DOES grow on Trees!

Just back from the newest crafty markets in Brisbane! The inaugural Mummy Tree Markets were held this morning from 9am – 2pm at Murrarrie.

Now I adore markets and, as the saying goes, I must be a fool for I am easily parted with my money when seeing all of the handmade gorgeousness! I went with a wallet full of cash and sans children so that I could really look around. Arrival was about midday and I appeared to have missed the morning rush that many of the stallholders were discussing – I did like it that way as parking was plentiful and I was able to take my time when looking around without being shoved.

The first thing I noticed was a fenced playground for the kids which was a fab idea, however had I brought them and placed them here it would have prevented me shopping while I parented and if I chose not to put them in then I would have been nagged the entire way around the markets ‘mummy when can we go on the slide? Can we go now mum? when can we go to the swings mum? mummy when are you going to be finished?’, so I was able to give silent thanks once again that I was alone.

Now, for a the initial glance around. Loads of pettiskirts, handmade dresses, hair accessories and bags. Plenty of wraps, baby blankets and change mats. I don’t want to say that I’ve seen it all before, but nothing was really blowing me away. A lot of things that were all very nice, a reversible hat that would have looked sweet on Tilly and a cute clutch for wipes and change mat but I was beginning to think I was going to go home empty handed in spite of the influx of babies that is imminent.

I picked up a couple of multi-coloured pencils for the kids. $2 well spent – cute and crafty!

Then I spotted them! Two divine hobby horses! These are so cute – I totally wanted them for the kids except that they already have a hobby horse, not nearly as gorgeous as these of course! They are just what I would have wanted as a little one and I did spend some time wondering if I’d be able to get away with riding into the sunset on one now days….The horses were $45 and Plenty ‘o’ Pockets were taking Christmas orders so get in quick I say, I can’t imagine any little one who wouldn’t love these on Chrissy morning. To order or for more information email

Next I found the most gorgeous, perfect smelling, natural lotions and body yums at milkbottles stall! I picked up ‘Hey Bugs, sniff this!’ – it’s a natural insect repellent AND sunscreen! At the rate I’m going through both at the moment I thought it would be a perfect solution – and it’s safe for the kidlets – hooray! Plus it has the cutest little owl on it – how could I resist….

I spotted some Macaroons from Authentic French Macaroons and these are my absolute weakness, made sure I got a pistachio and a mango. I had to share with the kids and The Daddy of course but they were yummo, not quite Adriano Zumbo who changed my life with his macaroons (I’m spoiled!), but still pretty damn delicious!

Finally, we are talking a lot about pirates at the moment and I wandered past a stall put together by Australian author Dr Cameron Stelzer. I love supporting Australian authors and I know how hard it is to get a kids book published so I really hoped to find something for the kidlets and what should I spy but The Stoogle Sails the Seven Seas which was so perfect!

Also had it signed by the author.

And it was tres popular!

Oooops nearly forgot! On the way out I bought some beautiful handmade cards from Mali Made. I hate shelling out a fortune for newsagent cards and the kids aren’t always obliging with home made creativity when I need it so I had to have them! The cards were so beautiful and heartfelt that I found myself welling up at some of the personal messages I found on them.

So that was my Mummy Tree Market experience. It’s on again next month, check out their site for details and head on down.

Also Mathilda’s Market comes back to Brisbane next weekend…… maybe I’ll see you there!!

A sewing we will go…

I am soooo overdue on about 30,000 sewing projects. I have birthday pressies from months ago that i still need to complete and then god forbid – POST!

Why do I hate the post office? Could it be because the children see it as one of two places in the world (the other is the bank) where they can channel crazed monkeys on speed! Or is it because of the eternal queues, or because I put it off for so long that I have to take Miles’ little red wagon to carry everything I have to send. Or is it because I can’t stand how organised I have to be – I have to have the stuff I need to send (usually wrapped and with a card on it uuuurgh!), I have to have the receiver’s address actually with me and then I do something like sealing the parcel without the card or something equally stupid and stressful while trying to tie my children to the table with packing string.

Anyhoo I digress…..

I actually managed to sew today! A monster softie and a new bag! The bag is from a pattern in Handmade Home. It worked out really well, except I’d change the handles a little next time, just cause I like them a little longer so that it’s a little more of a shoulder tote and I can have my hands free to hold those of the kidlets. Well this one is a gift, so hopefully the recipient won’t be so picky 🙂 The photos have come out strangely, the colours on it look red but they are actually orange.

Also, my one of my gorgeous Brissy friends came across some crochet squares that her Grandmother had made and given how much I love crochet she offered them to me to put together. YAY! I can’t wait, I got them out today and they are differing sizes so I’m going to have to get creative….. hmmm love a new project, especially one this colourful.

Last but definitely not least I had coffee this week in a bookshop. GOD I love books! So much! I love the smell of them, the feel of them, the look of them all lined up but best of all is all the limitless possibilities inside – so sending me anywhere near a good book shop is so, so, so dangerous. Initially I got totally distracted by the cook books, I looooove new recipes, and it was hard to drag myself away however I accidentally spied Pip Lincolne from Meet Me At Mike’s new book Sew La Tea Do and just had to have it.

Shhhhhh don’t tell The Daddy. Hope to have some new exciting sewing creations soon…..

Finders Keepers

Headed to the first Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets today. In a beautiful venue – the Old Museum at Herston. So nice to see so many Brisbane artists in one space. What stood out? As expected, all about birds, owls and bird cages 🙂 I did find some beautiful hand made fabrics and kids things. Inspired – YES! 🙂

I really loved sharing it with another artist, hearing great tunes, eating spicy sausage and drinking strong coffee! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

Reuse, recycle, re-purpose…..

Found an awesome blog post on re-purposing a pair of jeans into kids messenger bags, so I raided the closet for an old pair of D’s jeans and started sewing. Here are the results. Mr 4 is obsessed with bike racing hence the Tour de France rider on the front and the finish line fabric for the lining. Making a girly bag is never quite as challenging but I whipped up a crochet flower with a vintage button to match the funky retro lining.