30 Days of Biking

The Challenge

30 Days of Biking is a project designed to get people riding their bike every day throughout April. Let me preface this by telling you that I DO know how to ride a bike and have been happily riding for the past 30 odd years – until now….. Now, I have a new gorgeous road bike – with those stupid pedals that clip your feet to them and don’t come off or go on easily, do you have these? I think I have met my kryptonite!

Status update.

Day one: I fell off

Day two: I fell off

Reflections on the start of my journey.

  • not sure I’m going to make a very good roadie – unless being a roadie involves lying on the road.
  • I don’t think I quite have the hang of clipless pedals.
  • I could potentially get a ride with Euskaltel – I do a good bleeding carrot!
  • To explain my appearance and save further humiliation I’ve told friends my husband beats me.
  • my son is now giving me tips on how to ride a bike.

Future plans

Day 3: don’t fall off. If this can not be achieved please ensure falls are in a secluded place i.e. not in front of the local coffee shop

Day 4: repeat

In the meantime I have renamed this challenge 30 Days of Crashes….


Are you doing the 30 Days of Biking? Do you ride a road bike? Tell me, is it going to get any better?!