You know you’re a mum when….

Todays Ten: You know you’re a mother when….

1) going to a school function or dance recital you put on pre-baby clothes and you get comments like ‘Wow, you look nice’. Yes, the rest of the time I look like Molly Weasley, who I love but is NOT my style goddess

2) you actually go to school functions and dance recitals

3) you refer to members of The Wiggles by their first names and are indignant about who should wear the yellow skivvy

4) you can step on lego without howling

5) you can’t discuss with your book club anything off the NY Times best seller list but can discuss at length Jamie’s 30 minute meals

6) you’re in a book club

7) things you hated used to include being late for happy hour, strapless bras and waking up before 10am but now include endless washing, stepping on lego and nits

8) you can no longer drink more than a bottle of wine at a dinner party

9) if you do manage more than a bottle of wine the next morning hangover’s only solution is to sell your children on ebay

10) your cultural reference points mostly consist of The Chipmunks, Ben 10 and Disney’s multitude of Princesses

11) You display your children’s art with pride and call it postmodernism

you no longer have the ability to count……..




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