I’m a muppet of a man!

Have you seen The Muppets yet?

We have.


Personal nomination for film of the year – already…….


You know you’re a mum when….

Todays Ten: You know you’re a mother when….

1) going to a school function or dance recital you put on pre-baby clothes and you get comments like ‘Wow, you look nice’. Yes, the rest of the time I look like Molly Weasley, who I love but is NOT my style goddess

2) you actually go to school functions and dance recitals

3) you refer to members of The Wiggles by their first names and are indignant about who should wear the yellow skivvy

4) you can step on lego without howling

5) you can’t discuss with your book club anything off the NY Times best seller list but can discuss at length Jamie’s 30 minute meals

6) you’re in a book club

7) things you hated used to include being late for happy hour, strapless bras and waking up before 10am but now include endless washing, stepping on lego and nits

8) you can no longer drink more than a bottle of wine at a dinner party

9) if you do manage more than a bottle of wine the next morning hangover’s only solution is to sell your children on ebay

10) your cultural reference points mostly consist of The Chipmunks, Ben 10 and Disney’s multitude of Princesses

11) You display your children’s art with pride and call it postmodernism

you no longer have the ability to count……..



Boy Cyclist

Given all of the negative media around cycling lately – (Thanks Miranda Divine and Shane Warne!). I thought I’d contribute to the positive.

Our little 6yr old boy had his first criterium race last week at Balmoral Cycling Club. He had the biggest smile on his face that I’ve ever seen! Here are some pics to enjoy 🙂

Holiday renovation

Tilly had a lovely little dolls house delivered by Santa.

The Daddy put it together and with nothing to go inside we undertook a family craft project using the left over scraps of wood (and a couple of finds from around the house). Most of our inspiration was from MadebyJoel – I’ve lusted after his doll houses forever – it was enough to make me want to learn woodworking! Instead we had a bit of glue and a bottle of champagne. Here’s what unfolded….

The upstairs ants must have drunk all the champagne and knocked the chair down!

Flokati rug making a comeback

The Daddy experiments with fabric

champagne requirements obvious

more seating than in my actual house

need more chairs = drink more champagne

We have pictures that the kids have made that are still to hang on the doll house walls and need to make some beds (mmmm – thinking futons) but it’s getting there……. is it wrong to have house envy!?

A world of fail

don’t go to movieworld. it is shit. 


you want to stand in lines – lots of them, for a long time (everyone’s secret to do list I know)

if you’re lucky, when you get near the front (wait is only about 75mins) the ride may break down. 

They do that – a lot. Most of them…..

While waiting you have lots of think time – you could work out that if you went on 6 adult rides you could line up for approximately 8 hours for a total of maximum 30mins of ride time. Value? Sure!

It’s ok though, because when you’re hungry you could buy a dagwood dog

don’t worry they won’t burn you, they’re not hot.

Hunger vs Salmonella……. toss that coin and take a chance baby, after all you’re on holiday!

Later you could get an ice cream, just in case you’re still hungry after the dagwood dog episode…. unless you want anything that’s not a calippo (clearly the unpopular choice)….

or a water, when you run out – because it’s hot. After all it is Queensland which is why you brought some. Take lots of money. Water is expensive, after all it is precious I agree. But you can refill the lemonade cups, if you line up…..hmmmm…..

Really it’s ok – cause the tickets were essentially free as you have a FUN PASS.

Guess it’s called a FUN pass because you have FUN?

Luckily the kids still think so……..


P.S. go to Sea World instead. Take your food though – and water 😉