Another weekend gone…

Another weekend gone…


Friday arvo Miles met Craig Smith – author of The Wonky Donky. I know it used to be all about meeting rock stars but the times they are a changin’.

Miles and Craig Smith

Compost and worm farm workshop at Miles’ school – run by the council, super dooper awesome! Go people! Upcoming ones can be found here……

Dina from the council - our guru

Pool Party – I mean what isn’t awesome about pool parties, especially when there are dinosaurs…..

Mr 1's birthday pressy

Bike riding, 6km group ride on the north side – Tilly sang the whole way 🙂

Pushies Galore Swapmeet – Tilly told me this dude had strange hair, in a loud stage whisper that we all heard. Luckily he liked to laugh.

More swimming, this time at the neighbours.

Reciprocate with bbq dinner at our place for the neighbours.

Collapse. Start over.

Did you survive yours?



I know I said I was going to wait until Christmas BUT Tilly said she wanted to dress up for Halloween as Red from Hoodwinked. Then said ‘I don’t have a red hood, but that’s ok – I can still do it, I can just pretend’ and it tugged at my heartstrings that she didn’t ask for one or ask me to buy her one and so I folded like a cheap suit.

This pattern is from Oliver + S‘s book Little Things to Sew and it is gorgeous – it’s easy to sew and turns out beautifully, highly recommended even for people that are just starting out 🙂

I did it all in quilters cotton (as it’s pretty hot up here 😉 ) and it turned out beautifully – the lining is a forest print, I kind of like the idea of Red Riding Hood taking the forest wherever she goes…. and I used a gorgeous green and gold vintage button to finish it perfectly…….

Here it is…..