I bags swimming

Miles’s Prep class (kindy if you’re in NSW) swimming started today – so Miles needed a swim bag. I whipped one up on the weekend – just a simple flat bottomed drawstring in some cool jet fabric that had been hanging out in my stash waiting for Miles to have a need 🙂

You know those Oh so trendy(!) lanyard attached plastic sleeves that display your name and company at every conference you go to? I put one to use with a little velcro so I can remove it for washing. It included his name and class but also listed everything that needed to go back in the bag after every swim class to ensure we’re not missing a pair of goggles or cap after week 1:) The idea was based on this awesome product 🙂

Unfortunately no swimming photos but he had a ball!

So, what have you been making lately? or have you just been swimming……


bikes, craft and kids – nothing new here!

The good thing about leaving blogging for ages is that you end up with so much to say! Where to start? Let’s go with quick family catch up with a biking and crafty edge – would you expect anything else?!

Well, everyone else had a birthday, we went to Sydney, back home to busytown and things are almost normal once again.

Miles got his road bike for his big sixth birthday – he loves it 🙂 We bought it second hand and The Daddy blinged it with some green bar tape and a new green computer for the Cavendish fan.

Both kids have also started bike commuting to school when we can ride with them which is super dooper awesome, not too many just turned four year olds ride 9kms a day 🙂

For Tilly’s birthday I used her ‘Big Bad Wolf’ obsession to my advantage. Tilly loves anything to do with The Big Bad Wolf, reads books about wolves and watches the original 1930’s Disney Three Little Pigs incessantly. The good thing is her dad told her that Big Bad Wolves only live in Germany (with Jens) so she’s not scared they’ll turn up here…. unfortunately she also told her day care class that the other day….. ooops! 🙂

I made her some not so little friends. It took a while until she’d let the wolf stay in her room at night but she loved cuddling the pigs and they’re all sleeping with her now.

All are from The Big Book of Softies which was a gift to me from the family for my last birthday.

Lately she’s found a new obsession with Little Red Riding Hood – particularly the movie ‘Hoodwinked’ and I found the gorgeous Oliver and S book ‘Little Things To Sew‘ which includes a pattern for a Red Hood, so I think that’ll be under the tree at Christmas time. shhhh don’t tell Tilly!

Second hand bike and home made pigs? Thrifty and perfect 🙂

Lastly to leave you with a giggle, if you’re a funk fan and remember the old Commodores classic ‘Brick House‘ then check out Tilly’s new version complete with Smurfs bum wiggle dance and backing vocals from her brother….

It’s a Brick House – it’s mighty mighty to keep the wolfies out!’