Breaking the seal

I spend a lot of time avoiding the inevitable. The stories other mums have told me – like the fact that their toddler only agrees to wear pyjamas to daycare or a strange addiction to toothpaste where the parents unwittingly become the enablers. They sound like the exception but no, they’re closer than you think! After all – look at what my daughter wore to school drop off.

I know it’s a gorgeous Barbie princess dress, I know she loved it, I know in the big scheme of things it doesn’t matter and I know that I told her father only to fight the battles worth fighting BUT STILL – the day he let her wear this broke the seal.

You know – the seal? back in the day when you’d go drinking and put off as long as possible going to the loo because once you’d broken the seal you’d be back there be every 10 minutes? That dress up was it – I had never let her wear one before but it only takes once for it to be ‘always!’. ‘BUT MAMA, daddy ALWAYS lets us use playdoh in the loungeroom’, ‘BUT MAMA! I’m ALWAYS allowed to use your lipstick’, ‘BUT MAMA, I’m ALWAYS allowed to watch soft core porn after 8.30 on SBS’….. well, maybe not – but you get my drift….

I kept Ben 10 out of the house for 5 years, Nintendo DS out for 5 and a half!! But give me a fairy dress and it’s clearly my kryptonite. Am I drinking more or is it getting harder to maintain the seal? How are you going with it?


Beautiful and Wild

Numerous viruses have booked accommodation at our house lately – it’s important that we not all catch the same one, I mean variety is the spice of life right?

On the weekend I was too sick to go riding with the kids, but my lovely 3yr old girl came home with a bunch of wild flowers that she’d picked for me to make me feel better.

Most beautiful bunch of flowers I’ve ever been given, as wild and beautiful as she is. Thank you Tilly xxx

Brisbane Still…

I drove for three hours in the car today. There was no one else there. No children. No DVDs playing in the back seat. No requests for someone else’s music. No fighting. Silence.

Well – not really silence. My iPhone 4 failed to bring my music across from my 3 so as I was racing out the door I grabbed a random handful of vintage CDs from a deep dark box – remember CD’s? Yeah – I thought not 😉 Triple J’s Hottest 100 Volume 10 brought back this gem. Which I got to play as many times as I liked (just a few!). it’s nice to be in love with a song all over again! It also reminded me of our pre little people days, hanging out with friends, drinking beer, playing music in the lounge room at parties and never imagining that this wouldn’t be forever….

As much as I love Brisbane, this song made me miss Sydney. So for now I’m in Brisbane still but if I ever come home and I, I think I will I hope you’re gonna wanna hang at my place on Sunday still…..