Oh Hai!

I feel like the very cranky bear who went into hibernation and didn’t want to share his cave. I’m bloody cold, and I’m hiding and I don’t want to come out. Well, I didn’t want to come out – now I’m almost ready but not sure how to step back into the sunshine….

I feel like I now know why so many ‘mummy bloggers’ have at times put their blogs on hold or stopped all together. I love my blog but found the needs of family becoming more and more important, I also found that the times I wanted to blog were when I was feeling really negative and who wants to hear all that?! I can say that my house is cleaner, everyone has lots more clothes in their wardrobes (rather than on the floor!), the garden looks better and is producing actual edible food! I’ve been reading a real, live book with ink and pages and everything that wasn’t instructional. Most importantly my kids remember what it’s like just to hang out with mama. We even all managed to enjoy the Tour de France together – more on that soon I hope! I have sewed, I have cooked, I have coffee’d, I have helped out at the school and I have remembered what it’s like to sometimes see the world away from a keyboard and an iPhone screen.

Am I renewed, rejuvenated and ready to return? I don’t know. I know that I miss many other amazing blogs that I haven’t been reading. I know that I have things to say – that I’d like to share. I know that with less pressure, or feeling the need to blog all the time I might just do it more – or less – or better – or not at all! Maybe a few words one day, just a picture another, maybe just touching base…. that sounds nice – for now. It might not be a long phone call – we may have to just make do with a text every now and again. I’ll send the first one…..