Ride to School Day

I’ve had so many things to post lately but with sickness and a diary that looks like we are the USA’s first family I just had to let it slide! But today I’m forcing myself to take a minute to write this so that I remember it.

Today is National Ride to School Day. There was a great article about it in the Herald this week.

Being a cycling family Miles thought it was a pretty big deal – in spite of being sick for the last four days the first thing he said when he woke up was ‘I’m better enough to ride to school mummy!’

I’d spoken to his prep teacher about the fact that he was planning to ride in his kit and arranged to show his classmates before getting into his uniform. We did a quick one pager for the class on how riding is environmental, healthy and fun plus (the best bit for Miles) he took a RIDE mag in to talk about with the HTC boys on the cover, I hope – though highly doubt – that they managed to get past Mark Cavendish 🙂

The ride was great – The Daddy rode with him, and I managed to snap some piccys.

When we got to school he was so proud, that he’d ridden, that he had his kit on and he showed off his bike to everyone. his Prep teacher told him that a year 7 class teacher who helps promote RTSD wanted to meet him and would he go up and talk to the year 7 class about riding?

Last I saw him he was kitted up heading off with the big kids to a new part of the school so excited to be talking about his passion. Thanks to Miles’ wonderful prep teacher and the school for being so supportive of RTSD and Miles’ involvement. Today I’m really proud of the first of many Ride To School Days and our new little cycling advocate. Well done Milo!