Hip to be Square

Hmmm this weekend we had friends staying so will try to be ‘grateful’ tonight. In the meantime I’m feeling Hip! are you?

A little hide & seek to start a Monday

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Everything’s coming up roses

I want to blog before tomorrow when I will be grateful again – The Daddy has been in Adelaide all week so I’ve had zero time to think about online adventures plus this bug has dragged me down to rarely seen depths. Twice this week I could be found on the bathroom floor tearing through the medicine cabinet swallowing anything that looked like it would get me through the night. And not just for all the normal reasons 😉 Well I’m doctored and medicated now so I should have no more night escapades (scientific result of sinutab, codral, panadine, antibiotics, neurofen and wine, pain unabated but blessed sleep eventuated! – *do not try this at home, I am a professional idiot*)

To cope with heat we befriended neighbours with a pool – v. important. Children are now obsessed with each other and spend most of their time calling over the fence. Irritating – but probably more so for neighbours with the pool, after all I’m not sure what they’re getting out of this. Thankfully I’m too sick to be concerned about anyone else’s feelings or wishes to sleep past 6am.

Tilly is obsessed with Daycare – I have her on a waiting list and can only look forward to the time when she too leaves home several days a week to return with even more evil phlegm inducing bugs, as I’m sure you’d agree there’s no point getting better if it’s not to get sick once more, doctors now on speed dial 3. Pool friends tick, To do: meet medical friends stat.

Finally I did a little sewing, managed a couple of dresses for little girls. And I bought an overlocker so I may even get some more done next week if I can figure out the bloody thing 😉 All tips gratefully received – and I’ll even put you in tomorrow’s grateful post 😉

So that’s my week – how’s it hanging at your place?