if you can’t be great, be grateful…..

What an unbelievably revolting week. Sick little girl, children’s hospital, Telstra line out so no phone or internet, iPhone on the blink, then one of The Daddy’s friends and colleagues suddenly passed away. Things are pretty low in our house at the moment so I thought a change of perspective might help. Maxabella spends Saturday reflecting on things she’s grateful for and invites others to take part, so in spite of the fact it’s not Saturday here’s some of ours…

This week I’m grateful for gorgeous little Ethan James who joined the world, to one of our best friends.

My frangipani that I’ve been lovingly tending from a cutting and is finally growing!!

My sister visiting with her little girl so our kids can reconnect and have fun together.

and the fact that we still have each other as a family.

(but unfortunately no photo of us all together for some time 😉

I’m not really one for affirmations but from my little emergency book I’ve randomly selected today’s…..

All will be well.

Use this as your mantra:

All will be well.

Experience infinite stability

beyond the chaos.

See you all ‘beyond the chaos!’ 🙂


2 responses

  1. Oh my, what a dreadful week for you. I like your mantra so much. Mine (for these kinds of weeks and… well, just these kinds of moments really!) is “This too shall pass”.

    In the midst of the Dreadful Week, you have found some really gorgeous rays of sunshine. Frangapani (a favourite) and that serene little newborn face. Plus sisters and cousins and spending good times. Yep, All will be well for sure!!

    Thanks for linking up, it’s so lovely to meet someone new. x

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