Beautiful baby bliss

One of my gorgeous friends had a baby boy today, oh god I love babies – their smell, their soft baby skin, their tiny little hands and feet (I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky!…… Oh god, I’m CLUCKY! ) Anyway I haven’t been to see them yet as Tilly has come down with a virus but  I have put together a little pack for them. It’s a second baby so they have loads of stuff, but it’s really nice to have a few things that are just for the new little one.

I’m also hoping that she’s not reading blogs from her hospital bed……!

I made a pram blanket, a cute little kimono top and a slightly up market change pack that she can throw into the bottom of a pram or handbag when on the go.

….. but was wondering what else I could add to it.

So help me out….What was your favourite pressie or thing that you used for your baby/s? Do you have a ‘secret weapon’ new baby present?



2 responses

  1. Oh you are so clever! I can only sew missing buttons onto clothes :/

    I always add in some GAIA baby Skin Soothing lotion (about $10, Coles, Target etc). Best baby bottom cream ever! The GAIA baby massage oil is nice too.

  2. These are absolutely gorgeous Sam! I second the Gaia products idea. Any product in the Gaia range is good.
    If you’re looking at things to sew, how about a nice, funky bib or a burb cloth? I have a few links I can send you if you’re interested.

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