ready, aim…. drawer!

I looooooove storage! I dream of a perfect house with everything in it’s place. I know it’ll never happen – I’m crap at being tidy for starters. But I am a complete sucker for IKEA or anything with a ‘storage solution’ lol.Plus we’re renters so creative is our middle name. Now imagine if these were in my house, or yours if you prefer!

In a dream world this is featured in my home

from Rupert Blanchard

this would be my craft room

Seriously – this is her SEWING ROOM! My kitchen isn’t this nice!

and this! Well, you can figure it out on your own……

via a friend of The Daddy’s.

My dream is done. What would you like to change or add to in your home?


memories made of music

Poor old blog – I just completely abandon you whenever I have a personal crisis! Well this time was more of a family one. It’s called house hunting and now that we are in the process of getting approved I can take three deep breathes and allow some space in my brain for other things.

This post was inspired by Bianca’s post at Bigwords, their family is also moving and she’s lamenting the potential loss of memories linked to their physical house. We have been gypsies for so long that I have to carry our memories with us, and they seem to find their transport mostly in music.

My father spent most of his professional life working in the Aussie music industry and The Daddy and I met studying contemporary music at uni so we’ve always had a lot of music around us. While house hunting we were looking at two places, one had a red kitchen and so naturally will forever after be named The Red House after Mr Jimi Hendrix’s genius. The other one was on the top of a hill, but it channeled Josh Pyke’s Middle of the Hill for me. Naturally all week these two songs have been my mental soundtrack.

The repetition of those two songs started me thinking about how instrumental (excuse the pun) music is in building memories. Obviously there were songs that can instantly recreate childhood (Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac and Elton John) artists that saw me through high school (thinking Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Tori Amos) and university (Dig were big at the time), a lot of music around gigs and even some songs that still remind me of ex-boyfriends…..and I’m not sure those associations will ever disappear. In fact the first time The Daddy and I met we bonded over a shared love of 60’s and 70’s bands Crosby Stills & Nash, Joe Cocker and Jethro Tull among others. And of course there’s my Top 10 artists/albums/songs – but I can’t really narrow them down to a Top 10 so I guess that they don’t really exist 😉

BUT for me the albums that will live in my heart forever are those I was obsessed with while pregnant, yes I played them over and over again – they were the soundtrack to grow little humans by! And by default each of my children have songs – not songs they picked but my favourites off these albums. And so today I share them with you.

Miles’ album was Lior’s self titled debut and Autumn Flow the song (Had he been a girl, she would have been Autumn.)

Tilda’s album was Josh Pyke’s Memories and Dust and her song the title track

In hindsight not traditional Baby songs, and quite dark – they can still make me cry, but so does everything else these days.

As the kids grew their songs changed – Lennon’s Beautiful Boy for Miles, Little Ray of Sunshine for Tilly and lately Simon & Garfunkle’s Feeling Groovy! The list will keep growing as they do. And so we take our memories with us, as boxes of CDs in the garage, our iPods and media center and more than anything else our internal jukebox.

Does music make your memories too? What’s your soundtrack?

Making a list and checking it twice

Ok, I am not one of those super organised people that write a list at the beginning of the year and then spend the next 12 months at every sale event ticking items off. In a way I wish I was – that would be so much more organised and less stress at the end of the year. My problem is that I really like shopping while there’s Christmas carols in the stores and the kids love the decorations – we visit Santa and we wrap pressys only on Christmas eve while watching carols. It’s last minute and we love it! But this year I’m slightly more organised – at least I know what I am going to get (mostly!)

So I thought I’d reach out to those last minuter’s like me who are looking for that perfect gift for someone – something unique or that doesn’t come from a Westfield 🙂 Here’s my list of must-have’s for Chrissy, and nearly all can be ordered online so you can save your trip to the stores for checking out the Chrissy windows!

This jewelry from Ellissa Nolan is gorgeous – I have numerous pieces and wear them daily, plus a good price for a totally unique and personal gift. These are my favourite pressies for birthdays and thank you gifts too!

For our daughter…. she’s getting a red headed doll from Cuckoo for Coco. I’m not sure that you would get an order through in time for Chrissy but stock of some dolls is available for shipping now at Sweet Creations or Unique Boutique ! Or plan birthdays for next year 🙂 Presenting Matilda

Cuckoo for Coco also does the most amazing mobiles – so if you’re looking for something super special for a baby, you can pick these up now……

Miles is getting a skateboard but have no idea where to get one for him – will have to start exploring that, but the kids also need new bike helmets, we have been planning Nutcase ones for sometime…..
What about these?

For the ultra-stylish, and the person you struggle to get the perfect gift for, you can’t go past these stunning linen tea towels from Puddin Head. Oh I’d love to open one of these Chrissy morning, but I don’t know which design I’d choose!

If your better half (or little one) is into bikes then wrap up a cycling cap from Rocket Fuel – they put style back onto two wheels! We already own several of these but am feeling a need to co-ordinate my summer riding outfits so some more could be on the cards….. Keep an eye out though – there were a whole lot of new caps added to the site on Sunday and today when I checked most of my favourites are already gone, so you’ll need to be quick when you see something you like!

Finally, to sate my obsession with little redheads I have found this from Indy and the Ninja – Tilly won’t wear it in her hair but there’ll be a badge available soon, hooray!! Check out all of their gorgeous hair accessories for little ones – I always struggle for gorgeous stocking fillers but these are just perfect!

So has that helped? I’d love to open any of these on Chrissy morning! Can you add to the list?

When you came in the air went out…..

We have to download record nearly all TV shows to watch when the little people are asleep. But even given our limited tele watching time there are certain shows that I can not skip the theme for – I mean come on people, it’s part of the experience!
Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Mad Men? True Blood? Dexter?
What theme’s do you actually look forward to?

My kids sing this….. (no I don’t let them watch the show!)

Strictly Un-ballroom

Sorry for the sound of crickets around here lately. We are moving in the next two weeks (once we find a house in the catchment for a good school!), so things are pretty crazy. Also we had our first ever dance recital….. and whoa boy – I wasn’t expecting that one!

If you told me prior to kids that in 5 years I would be sitting in a hall with hundreds of costumed children waiting to perform in their ballet and dance concert I would have laughed you out of the room! After telling you that i wasn’t having kids (I know! snorts of derision abound!), I would have told you that if I were to procreate my offspring would never be doing anything as ridiculous as dance classes and especially not ballet and if you think I’m sitting through 25 dance numbers from uncoordinated kids doing jazz ballet to Abba and decked out head to toe in sequins and glitter you have another thing coming…… after that I would have downed a beer and headed out to catch a local band.

So fast forward to surprise kids and a move to Brissy a year ago (caught up? Good!)….. when we arrived I put Tilly into a dance class with another little friend and Miles wanted to do it too. Nice to fill in the week and meet new friends. We proceed along swimmingly with a half hour class once a week teaching them ‘groovy hips’, skips, pointed toes and just having some fun, I even thought that with luck the kids might end up without their parents two left feet – Score! That was until last term when they started learning a dance. Initially I didn’t think anything of it, then as time progressed words like concert started to be used more often, still  i thought bringing The Daddy to a little show at the church hall they had their class in so that he could see what they’d be doing would make them happy.

Well! What a silly naive mother I turned out to be! Who would have thought that the ‘Junior Concert’ would include over one hundred dancers, require custom made and fitted costumes, full dress rehearsals, rules such as no photography, videos or moving while children are on stage (I think they asked us not to breathe but The Daddy decided to flaunt that one!) – AND charged us through the nose for whatever they could think of. It’s funny how it creeps up on you too – term fees (no problems!), raffle tickets to subsidise the costumes (what a great idea!), the costume fees (hang on a second!), entry cost to the show (now you’re pulling my chain) and finally pay extra for the programme (holy hell people seriously?).

But we’re here now so whaddayado? (answer: head to the bar and order champagne as a survival mechanism!)

Getting Tilly ready was a huge shock, not just in how to avoid a camel toe in a silver lame bell bottomed jumpsuit – although that was quite a challenge, BUT I had to put make-up on her (as directed) and when doing so I couldn’t get out of my head images of little Jonbenet Ramsey and how I was sexualising a 3 year old. Typical of me over thinking things I guess – but still…..

Walking in to the massive auditorium was surreal – I felt like we’d walked onto the set of Strictly Ballroom and in the back of my head someone was chanting ‘it was Scott’s year, it was Scott’s year, IT WAS SCOTT’S YEAR!’. There were mothers who had been dancers when they were young, who took this all as part of the gig, and there were grandmothers who had the teased and sprayed hairdos and sparkled more than the little dancers! They scared me and I didn’t feel like we fit in…. actually I don’t think we really did fit in – I’m not sure how many other fathers spent the afternoon tweeting the event’s highlights such as audience member’s plastic surgery crimes, but I obviously don’t follow any of them 😉

So scrambling for some seats at the back we sit to watch the show, Tilly’s Boogie Fever was hysterical – they were all over the place and my little Disco Queen was very cute but she lost the plot a few times. However when Miles started dancing to Singing In The Rain I realised that tissues should have been essential, and also that perhaps I wasn’t as different from the other proud mums in the room as I thought.

So after a rather freakish weekend we return to normal. What is normal? It sure aint what I thought it would be 5 years ago, and I’m not the type of mother I expected to be (am I a stage mother?! SHIT!)…. but the kids are loving what they are doing and now Miles wants to do Tap next year…… how much are THOSE shoes?

if you can’t be great, be grateful…..

What an unbelievably revolting week. Sick little girl, children’s hospital, Telstra line out so no phone or internet, iPhone on the blink, then one of The Daddy’s friends and colleagues suddenly passed away. Things are pretty low in our house at the moment so I thought a change of perspective might help. Maxabella spends Saturday reflecting on things she’s grateful for and invites others to take part, so in spite of the fact it’s not Saturday here’s some of ours…

This week I’m grateful for gorgeous little Ethan James who joined the world, to one of our best friends.

My frangipani that I’ve been lovingly tending from a cutting and is finally growing!!

My sister visiting with her little girl so our kids can reconnect and have fun together.

and the fact that we still have each other as a family.

(but unfortunately no photo of us all together for some time 😉

I’m not really one for affirmations but from my little emergency book I’ve randomly selected today’s…..

All will be well.

Use this as your mantra:

All will be well.

Experience infinite stability

beyond the chaos.

See you all ‘beyond the chaos!’ 🙂

Beautiful baby bliss

One of my gorgeous friends had a baby boy today, oh god I love babies – their smell, their soft baby skin, their tiny little hands and feet (I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky, I’m NOT clucky!…… Oh god, I’m CLUCKY! ) Anyway I haven’t been to see them yet as Tilly has come down with a virus but  I have put together a little pack for them. It’s a second baby so they have loads of stuff, but it’s really nice to have a few things that are just for the new little one.

I’m also hoping that she’s not reading blogs from her hospital bed……!

I made a pram blanket, a cute little kimono top and a slightly up market change pack that she can throw into the bottom of a pram or handbag when on the go.

….. but was wondering what else I could add to it.

So help me out….What was your favourite pressie or thing that you used for your baby/s? Do you have a ‘secret weapon’ new baby present?