Finders Keepers

Headed to the first Brisbane Finders Keepers Markets today. In a beautiful venue – the Old Museum at Herston. So nice to see so many Brisbane artists in one space. What stood out? As expected, all about birds, owls and bird cages 🙂 I did find some beautiful hand made fabrics and kids things. Inspired – YES! 🙂

I really loved sharing it with another artist, hearing great tunes, eating spicy sausage and drinking strong coffee! Looking forward to the next one 🙂


Bad parenting #101….. Alcohol

Our 4yr old boy and 2yr old girl have absolute fits if they have to share anything. One day they’ll be freely offering their coveted goods to each other and the next day if one touches something precious it’s on for young and old. To be honest, I think they’d fight over whether black was white. One of the classic ones is sharing a drink…. as one takes a swig the other screams in terror ‘DON’T DRINK ALL OF IT!!’ I then spend 5 minutes explaining that the contents of said drink is tap water, and there’s plenty more where that came from, and they will never go thirsty…. yet when the next child gets the drink the first then parrots ‘DON’T DRINK ALL OF IT!!’. Needless to say, it frustrates the bejesus out of me given that I haven’t killed a child from dehydration yet!

Tonight I made a rather large faux pas. At dinner D and I brought a half full bottle of wine to the table to share. I finished my glass and poured another thereby finishing the bottle. Before you ask…. no, D did not yell ‘DON’T DRINK ALL OF IT!!’ although had it been the JD it may have happened, instead Miss 2 piped up with ‘WHY DID YOU drink all of it?’ (She was quite concerned) to which I replied – ‘don’t worry, it’s not a problem, when mummy or daddy finish a bottle we don’t fight, we just open another one!’

#parenting fail

Damian and I are still laughing…………

Reuse, recycle, re-purpose…..

Found an awesome blog post on re-purposing a pair of jeans into kids messenger bags, so I raided the closet for an old pair of D’s jeans and started sewing. Here are the results. Mr 4 is obsessed with bike racing hence the Tour de France rider on the front and the finish line fabric for the lining. Making a girly bag is never quite as challenging but I whipped up a crochet flower with a vintage button to match the funky retro lining.