Naked Redhead!

When my daughter was born she had bright red hair and I felt for her – I thought of all the times she would be teased for being different. I imagined my childhood would be hers. But as my daughter grew, I started to recognise her unique beauty and I started to dread her wanting to change it to suit others. I now try to display my red hair with pride so that she has a positive role model and I don’t wear much make up – although I try to cover the dark circles, and add some mascara for the illusion of eyelashes 🙂 I have never felt beautiful but my kids think I am – and that is the best type of beauty!

Today is #BloggersWithoutMakeup created by @jodieansted which you can read more about here. I thought I’d take a snap and add it to twitter. Little did I know how confronting it would be to really look at myself and see myself without makeup on. I never thought I’d have the confidence to do this, but it’s amazing that I can still surprise myself on the eve of my 35th birthday – Matilda, I hope that you grow up knowing your true beauty through women as brave as the ones here

and for balance - here's Tilly